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At Quantum Innovative Solutions, we provide advanced quantum solutions products that cater to the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Our range of products includes Quantum Sensors, Quantum Computing, Quantum Integrator Software, Quantum Communications Network, and Lithium Niobate Quantum Chips.

Discover the details about our products below, and contact us today to see how we can assist in gaining and maintaining a competitive edge in your industry.

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Quantum Sensors

Each of QIS’s Quantum LiDAR Sensor’s are unique, and can be directly applied against a range of environmental challenges for our clients, this means we can see or hear where previous technologies have encountered encumbrances; triple canopy forest, snow, cloud cover/fog, as well as deep bodies of water. No Line-of-Site (LOS) requirement.

Complements existing sensors on our clients platforms, enabling seamless integration with minimal (less than 25lbs) of additional weight.

Key Capabilities: – tens of miles depending on environmental elements

  • Voice Detection
  • Object Characterization
  • Subterranean Mapping
  • 3D Mapping
  • Suitable for Static, Mobile, Airborne or Space Applications
  • Easy Integration
  • Scalable to Boutique Form Factor
  • Powered by AC 120V or D/C
  • Performs at an Eye-Safe Wavelength
diagram of quantum computing software

Quantum Integrator Software

Qatalyst Application Accelerator: Qatalyst is a highly sophisticated, quantum application accelerator for complex computations. It is ready-to-run in the cloud, or on premise if you desire.

  • Its sophisticated optimization applications solve complex mathematical computations, delivering a diversity of high-quality results. You no longer have to bet your business decisions on a single computational result.
  • By eliminating the need for quantum expertise and complex programming, Qatalyst accelerates your time to quantum results for problems that can run on a QPU today.  Add a Q API call to current workflows and applications, and they, too, access Qatalyst power.
  • As Quantum Processing Units scale to run production problems, Qatalyst provides a seamless path forward with no quantum programming.
Quantum Communications Network graphic

Quantum Communications Network

Emergent NEXT GENERATION multi-product secure communications architecture.

  • 5 System Architecture
  • Secure Quantum Photonic Communications
  • Extremely Low Probability of Intercept [LPI]
  • Uniquely Differentiated – via Entanglement
  • Effective Communication in Ops Denied Environment
Lithium Niobate Quantum Chips in hand

Lithium Niobate Quantum Chips

Our Lithium Niobate Optical Chips provide the greatest scalability and performance advantage for quantum information processing, sensing, and imaging.

  • All of the critical components are embedded on a fully integrated chip, the efficiency and fidelity of the photonic quantum technologies are fully developed in a nano format.
  • Our Chip demonstrates the ultimate SWAP-C capable system and will serve as the common core of our technology and product ecosystem.
  • Initial Chips are available now.
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